Define a brand, transform a business

In 2011, KSS Fuels and Market Planning Solutions, two pioneers of the global fuel-retail industry, merged to become Kalibrate Technologies, a provider of software management solutions.

In 2014, CEO Bob Stein approached Applied Storytelling to redefine the brand. The publicly-traded company, headquartered in the U.K., was operating in Europe, the Americas, and Asia Pacific. Stein understood that the company’s aggressive growth plan required a focused brand for clients, employees, talent, investors and the market.

Applied Storytelling developed a brand that inspired an unexpected realization in Kalibrate leadership: To realize the company’s potential, they needed to evolve their business model.

Elevating unseen value. Through conversations and work session explorations, Applied Storytelling learned that Kalibrate’s value extended to well beyond software sales. Clients trusted Kalibrate’s deep industry expertise, consultative relationships, and clear viewpoint on the future. These qualities were driven by an internal culture of continuous learning and commitment to client success.

Applied Storytelling recognized all the hallmarks of adaptive leadership, a business approach with particular value in fast-changing industries like fuel retail. This paradigm provided a platform for expressing Kalibrate’s unrecognized value. The tagline “Your Adaptive Edge” summed up this new perspective and ignited a new wave of internal conversations about Kalibrate’s essential value.

Brand as aspiration and inspiration. Over the course of months, the brand took shape while Kalibrate leadership boldly evolved their business model and offerings. The brand narrative and elevator pitch served as touchstones. Visual expression made the aspirational horizon tangible. Reframed from software supplier to strategic solutions partner, Kalibrate launched a new services division, established a new methodology, and launched an industry-first benchmark.

Launch elements were developed and rolled out rapidly to meet two critical dates: the release of investor data in the U.K. (where Kalibrate is publicly traded) and a critical global tradeshow. Using a rapid development workflow, we implemented brand messaging and visual expression across key external touchpoints, including website, social sites, tradeshow booth and collateral. An internal brand launch inspired employees with their new rallying cry and practical ways to make the brand language their own.

Kalibrate’s new brand launched in Q3 2014 with extensive industry coverage and positive response reflected in its stock price.

“Kalibrate understands that a brand is a vehicle for expressing, recognizing and monetizing a company’s highest value. They embrace the change at all levels. That’s the kind of commitment it takes to become a $1B+ company.”

— Matthew Kruchko