Project Updates

Relaunching The Henry Ford

On August 15, 2013 The Henry Ford  launched its new website. For us, relaunching the site was partly an opportunity to set months of brand development work in motion. It demonstrates the “past forward” mindset that positions The Henry Ford for a new era of relevance. The bold new tagline, Take it forward™ and a strong-yet-sophisticated new visual direction drive the point home.

Of course, the site also addresses a number of functional and user experience needs—all of them driven by the strategic goal of building awareness for the brand with national audiences who aren’t able to visit the metro Detroit location in person. On one hand, the new site organizes a new set of channels geared to specific types of enthusiast. At the same time, the site creates a clear and focused impression of the institution. The site  also maintains a strong presence for The Henry Ford’s gated attractions, which host some 2 million visitors each year and are the primary source of earned revenue today.

Work continues on The Henry Ford’s permanent site, which will address content that extends to the hundreds of pages that live below the landing pages we have reimagined. In the meantime, The Henry Ford’s striking new online presence sets a new benchmark for the inspired ways that cultural institutions can reintroduce themselves to audiences seeking more diverse and personalized ways to engage.

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