Yes: Newsweek rethinks itself

The previous weeks’ Newsweekmay be the boldest fundamental rethink of a magazine we’ve seen in a long time. The update goes far beyond the merely graphic-cosmetic: Essentially, it’s forsaking news in the narrow sense to focus on commentary. Here’s the wager, in the words of editor Jon Meacham: We know you already know what the news is. With original reporting and arguments, we’ll make you think in new ways. I like it a lot. Now let’s see if it’s tealeaf take on relevance in the digital age is right for a wider readership. If the public attention span has shrunk to snippets and soundbites in all instances, Newsweek loses. If the new format not only appeals in its own right but also works in a way that can’t be copied or bettered online, Newsweek wins. I’m still reading, and I guess I won’t subscribe to the online version after all. Eric La Brecque

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