Optimized for opportunity

Brand challenges:

Stronger brand foundation to minimize commoditization and support rapid growth.

Story Tools:

Brand Communications Platform including Visual System and Brand Guidelines,
Platform Naming System

Employee screening services face intense pressure to cut corners.

The gig economy, for one, seems to demand no less. Accurate, a fast-growing screening leader, acknowledged the need for speed—but saw building a brand around that idea as a zero-sum game in an already crowded, commoditized space.

To build a brand that competes on the basis of the experience it delivers, it helps to start with a strong culture of service. In other words, people.

— Eric La Brecque

Investing in experience.

After sharing and exploring various scenarios, we helped Accurate to settle on a story that spotlights the company’s well-established, people-centered ability to deliver a better experience for clients and candidates alike—after first confirming the company had the focus and conviction to double down on its position moving forward.

From indistinct to uplifting.

Next, we turned to Accurate’s somewhat generic visual and verbal expression. When we mined the company’s culture and leadership for cues, we unearthed a personality that was flexible, forward-thinking, light-spirited and down-to-earth. Building on these qualities, we created a visual language that inspires optimism—and turns heads with its beauty and precision.

The HR space struck me as a dull and boring place—non-offensive and very conservative. Helping candidates to find the right fit, the Accurate brand promise, is something that’s inherently upbeat.

— Cynthia Murnane